Concept Design and Illustration

He's one of the best guys I've worked with. He highly values commitment, has a great sense of humor and most of all he draws with passion.
Without a doubt, Adrian’s work and concepts are deeper magic and mysterious. Endearing paintings yet somehow mystical. He bears the deepest possibilities to turn into considered one of the inspirational creative designers and concept artists comparable from the disreputable game companies. I’m also astounded about how he have written game reviews, with uncomplicated explanation and balanced analysis. I’m certain that a designer with a talent on criticism. That’s a package!
Pip is collaborative, responsive and a pleasure to work with. He was an asset in the whole artistic process from creative brainstorming to detailed iteration. I love his enthusiasm and his drive to grow as an artist and wouldn't hesitate to work with him again!
Pip is a bit of a perfectionist. He does anything and everything to make every bit of his artworks look like a masterpiece. Awesome and fun guy to hang out with
Pip is a very creative person. His work already has a wow factor  but nonetheless he wants to keep learning to be better 🙂  Looking forward to his short animated  film  with all his design, coloring & animation skills combined!
Pip is hardworking and fun to have around. He loves learning how to draw better. It was great to have him on our team!
Pip's painterly style looks absolutely amazing. I want to see what he does next.