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Dive into a vast, dark, beautiful world of Ori and the Blind Forest, a game that has all the fun of old-school platformers built under layers of gorgeously hand-painted visuals. You play as Ori, a guardian spirit who explores the forest after something an event that causes the forest to wither and die, as well as Naru, a large creature that adopted Ori.

The game has a Metroidvania approach to it; you explore a large map instead of putting you through individual levels. Some areas you pass by will require new abilities to reach, making backtracking necessary. There is also a map you can open anytime that shows you how much of the world you’ve already explored.

There are also other RPG elements such as ability points you get from defeated enemies, which you can use to learn new skills, and upgrades to your life and energy. Ori also learns new skills such as wall-jumping and double-jumping, allowing you to reach previously unreachable areas.

The controls are very precise or as Moon Studios would say, pixel-perfect. Ori moves smoothly, jumps are properly timed and attacks are easy to execute. The controls help you progress smoothly while staying immersed in the ambiance brought by the beautiful visuals.

The game is a visual masterpiece; the hand-painted look, coupled with great lighting, helps bring in the dark, haunting ambiance of a dying forest. According to the Moon Studios website, they tried to make every screen look like a painting come to life and they obviously succeeded.

The music is also a big contributor to the game’s ambiance. From the intro, to the title screen, and to the game itself, you are treated to beautiful tones that fit the nature theme and helps bring the world to life.

Aside from the large world to explore, the game also has numerous achievements, giving you more reasons to play even after completing the story.

Ori and the Blind Forest pushes the limits of 2D platforming both in visuals and gameplay. If you enjoy exploring beautiful worlds while navigating through complex puzzles and obstacles, try this game out. You’ll be in for a treat.

Rating: 5/5

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