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Wacky characters, gorgeous backgrounds, fast-paced platforming with unique level designs and a level that lets you rock to the song Black Betty by Ram Jam while you run through monsters, falling bridges and a giant dragon. Welcome to Rayman Legends.

The game puts the emphasis on fun; it provides a good balance between challenge and enjoy-ability. The levels require you to focus on navigating through paths, obstacles and enemies while grabbing as many rewards as you can with a few secret areas thrown in. You can die, but the game doesn’t give you a hard time about it as there is no set number of lives; you can keep going until you get through the level without worrying about a game over.

The level designs are where this game shines. Unique and varied levels take you out of the usual platforming experience and into into a constant stream of unpredictable obstacles and ways to navigate. You might be jumping across platforms one moment and gliding through the air the next. You could be simply reaching for the end of a level, or being chased by a wall of flame, growing vines with thorns or even a fire breathing dragon. There are even some levels that let you to control a separate character to move platforms and distract enemies as you make your way through, requiring coordination between the two characters’ actions, and musical levels where you play according to the rhythm of a song. Talking about these levels just won’t do it justice; it’s something you have to experience.

The art is absolutely gorgeous; detailed, colorful, hand-painted environments and cartoony character and enemy designs fill every level with charm. Though there are some 3D elements in the game such as boss characters, I feel that this is a game that pushes the limits of 2D graphics in the same vein as Ori and the Blind Forest but with a more colorful and bright approach.

The music does a great job with setting the tone for the game and gives you the sense that you are on a fun adventure.

The game still has more to offer as you will unlock collectibles such as creatures and other playable heroes as you keep playing. The cast of heroes is massive though a lot are just alternate versions of the main cast. Still, collecting them all is fun and adds hours of replayability for completionists.

If you’re looking for a nice platformer that’s both creative and enjoyable, do yourself a favor and get Rayman legends. Run the game, sit back, and have fun as each level brings a smile to your face.

Rating: 5/5

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